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Dating with an emphasis upon your birth date and star sign. Simply enter your birthday and gender and off you go! A nice neat site with an advanced search facility which is available once you have registered.


I was greeted by some nice graphics when I first stumbled across look4dates but when I registered and tried using the site I found it a little clumsy and hard to navigate. It has great potential though so maybe it will be better when you visit.


Would you like to communicate with female inmates? This site has lots of lonely ladies who are paying a price for their crimes and would like to communicate with people from the outside world. Browse the picture personals and pay $3 for each person you would like to write to. Unusual concept!


Lovers2 is UK based and features a very unusual concept. As well as being able to search the personals on their website, you can, if you so desire, have your photo included on several large billboards in prominent areas around Birmingham. With my ugly mug I think I'll pass on this one!


Another site catering for men wishing to meet Eastern block women. Lots of attractive women on this site, listed from approximately 15 different agencies. Find one or more you like then pay between $5 and $15 to get in touch with them.


Quite a good site with lots of picture personals to browse through. If you want to provide your own personals ad you can provide pages and pages of detail about yourself. So if you've got plenty of time give it a try although it can get boring wading through all the other adverts on there. Tip: make sure your advert is different or you won't get noticed!


The idea behind Everyone's Connected is that you can only join if a friend validates that you are who you say you are. This way you can start to meet people who are friends of friends and who you know are real. You can also find out what other people think of each other before you decide whether or not you would like to get to know them yourself.


Another nice personal ads site, although they only seem to cater for straight people as the only two categories were "gentlemen seeking women" or "women seeking gentlemen". The ads are searchable but I'll be honest and admit that I found navigation around this site somewhat tricky and was disappointed by the lack of members' photographs.


Looking for a latin bride? Then look no further! Here we have lots of Mexican women all eager to meet their Mr Right from Northern America or Europe. This appears to be more of a land based dating agency than a purely web based one and as such will offer a more personal service.


If astrology is very important to you then you will like being able to search for a partner purely on the strength of their star sign. As well as dating, the site features lots of astrological stuff such as horoscopes and lucky numbers. My luck number is 3 and that's how many heart ratings this site gets.


Another site catering for the Western man wishing to meet Russian ladies for marriage. The site itself was well laid out and loaded quickly but unfortunately the content was somewhat lacking. You get a very brief description and quite poor quality picture of each lady and then have to spend $12 to $15 to obtain each one's address.


Very quick and easy to use, although if you are unscrupulous I guess you should try some other dating sites instead! The graphics are excellent without being "over the top" and don't take ages to download. The search is quick and easy and members' profiles are displayed clearly and concisely in a well thought out format.


As the name suggests, this site is designed for single catholics. The graphics were fairly amateurish and I wasn't able to browse any personals without first paying. The free preview tour gave me the impression that there was a lot of functionality on this site.


Yes, you guessed it! A networking service for people that are interested in horses. Featuring chat rooms, a message board, and events and articles sections, it's just what the single equestrian is looking for. When I tried a search I found it was packed full of profiles.


A nice uncomplicated site with several categories of personal adverts. Unfortunately there aren't many ads on the site and there isn't any form of search facility. All you can do is browse through the adverts (both male and female) until you find someone you like.


Profile Pic is a mix between a community site and a dating site for teenagers. The design is simple and uncomplicated and I found lots of interesting teen profiles with pictures. You can upload videos to your profile and also rate other members and leave comments which they can add to their profile as well.


For the person with the "fuller" figure. I was very impressed by this site which contained a lot of useful information as well as having the usual personals section. When searching through the other members the graphical layout was simple and minimal hence all pages were very quick to load.


Vivamore is another example of a well thought out site. A nice feature is the date ideas section where users suggest their own ideas for an ideal date and in turn get themselves more exposure.


Pages and pages of mainly Chinese women (some Russian women too). Browse the listings for someone that you like and then pay to get in contact with them. This site is much cheaper than other similar sites - you pay a minimum $30 which gives you 30 credits (up to 30 contacts).


A very professionally designed dating site catering for single adults seeking other adults for intimate relationships. The layout is excellent and the graphics are superb. Best of all, this site is 100% free to use so there is no need to get your credit card out. I found lots of interesting profiles when I performed a search so if you are looking for someone to have fun with then click through to Dirty Encounters!


If you are partial to a glass of vino you should get yourself along to Wine Lovers Meet. In case you haven?t guessed, this is a dating site for people with a common interest in wine. They say you don?t have to be a connoisseur to join, just someone with enthusiasm for wine. I think I?ll stick to my gin and tonic!


Nothing particularly exciting here I'm afraid. The usual searchable personal adverts, a few of which have pictures included. The site seems to be biased towards Russian women as that's who most of the members are.


I quite liked this site. I?m sure you can guess from the name that it is designed for wealthy people to come together for romance, dating and casual friendships. Profiles are verified so if you?re pretending to be rich then don?t bother as you won?t get in!


OK Cupid is another example of a good, free dating site and is available in English, French and Portugese. I loved the dating persona test and I would recommend you give it a try and find out what kind of "dating type" you are!


This is a very nice site with cool graphics and a neat layout. There seem to be plenty of picture personals to browse through although the search facility could do with being a little more powerful.

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